"Heedless Conflict and Crises in Africa"

With heads turned from all over the world to the sequences of heinous terrorist attacks in Paris and the US, and the ever-growing grip of ISIS in the Middle East, it is tremendously hard to shift the world leaders' attention to another region. Despite having the same alarming state of violence and the huge number of loss, these badly publicized security issues are dying right before our eyes, with no adequate access to help and resources, another neglect would possibly put several countries at the risk of losing an entire generation.

While the Medias are busy covering the never-ending battle against ISIS in the Middle East, or as how youth all over the world unite in a collective sympathy toward the Paris attack, many countries in the sub-Saharan Africa are facing a perpetual experience with belligerent and terrorist groups, while also other violent issue like civil war. Africa, a region oftentimes forgotten, has been receiving donors from all over the world ever since decades ago, not to mention the decades-long operation of peacekeeping troops in their soil. However, even with these massive measures, why are countries like Liberia, and Democratic Republic of Congo in the stake-high risk of falling into another devastating civil war once the PKO's tenure in those countries finish?

UNSC is called to assembly once again to talk about Africa. A whole new reformation on PKO's mandates in Africa might have to be renewed, or other measures implemented in Africa might need to be re-polished, while looking at its practicality. Issues like sexual harassment done by the Peacekeeping Troops towards the settlers within UN camps in countries like Congo shall be investigated, and find the faults in the current system. This time, UNSC is demanded to disprove its "un-involvement" in Africa.

Council Directors

Calvin Khoe


Amanda Dara Amadea


Nguyen Quang Minh