Press Gallery


Press Requirements

In this day and age, everyone may now be journalists. From a quick photo taken during an accident, or simple tweet and Facebook status about happenings in the surroundings, it is now possible to make a news in just one click. Press Gallery 2016 are looking for objective and unbiased delegates who wish to observe how United Nations work through a simulation. Journalistic experience is not required, but is an advantage for the assignment. Each member of the press are expected to conduct a prior research before the actual Model United Nations take place and know the crisis each committee is facing for them to be able to produce an insightful and meaningful coverage. Also, news correspondents must research about the news organization they are assigned in for them to produce an effective news material while following the style of their respective international news team.


Coverage of Deployment

Being a news correspondent in a Model United Nations is not a difficult deployment. However, each correspondent must have keen observation skills to each of the council sessions and all that happens thereafter. A delegate’s political agenda and diplomacy shall surface. At the end of each committee session, there will be a press conference where delegates will be entertaining questions from the press and it will serve as an avenue for the press to think critically and be able to get a scoop. An excellent news correspondent must be quick to think of a news angle to focus on with a time bound writing schedule as per the Press Director’s set deadline of thearticles.

Press Rules

● Since press delegates will be allowed to enter in the committee sessions, it is important to always wear the press identification card provided by the organizers. However, press delegates will only be allowed to take photos, and take down notes inside the room. While the committee is going on with a session, moderated or unmoderated, the press delegates are prohibited to speak to the committee itself and its delegates. If they wishfor a contact, press may do so during the suspension of the session.

● Press Gallery 2016 shall practice ethics of journalism. Writing libelous, and plagiarized work is strictly prohibited. The Press Director shall check and edit the articles. The Press Director shall reserve the right to delete parts of the article that may be deemed incongruous to the event.

● Members of the Press are not, in any way, allowed to but in during committee sessions to express his/her opinion on the topic being discussed. Also, the correspondents are expected to write and deliver unbiased news.

● News correspondents are expected to meet the deadline set by the Press Director in the submission of articles. Failure to do so may be equal to consequences.

● The Press Gallery are expected to ask relevant and direct questions to the delegates during one-on-one interviews or during the Press Conference. Proper conduct may be deemed necessary.

News Gathering

The most common way of news gathering in MUNs is through observation during committee sessions. Write about the stand of the delegates on the issue, their pleas or their concerns. Interviewing delegates will only come as the second most effective way of gathering information which will be your source in your articles. Ask questions to clarify or confirm any vague information you have observed. Also, make sure to secure a copy of all the documents or papers that the delegates will be producing for a more reliable delivery of information. There is no more reliable source than your own self. One cannot make a story out of thin air. Attend the sessions, observe silently, think critically, and write objectively.