BMUN 2016 Committee

Andrian Gandhi


Andrian Gandhi is a Management Student at Universitas Widyatama. He is known for his passion in economics and politics, which also makes him an avid debater. He has served as a delegate and advisor in various MUN with his team, growing his knowledge in MUN itself, especially about Environment and Technology which he’s very passionate about. In his free time, he enjoys doing outdoor activities and also technology enthusiast. This year, he’s given the responsibilities to be the Secretary-General of 2nd Annual BMUN, and striving to create an amazing MUN for you to participate in. And so, he is looking forward to meet you in BMUN 2016.

Secretariate Committee Member

Galih W Jananuraga


Galih is currently on his final year majoring on managerial finance and writing his thesis, chasing for his graduation in May. His passion for MUN speak for itself and on this very conference he will serve the delegates as Director-General, or will supervise the substances of Bandung MUN 2016. Outside the committee room, he loves to cook, always be a funny person, and traveling will always be on his shortlist. Nevertheless he's can't wait to meet you delegates!

Directorate Committee Member